If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a drift boat in the Southeast you know it’s a needle in the haystack. Compared to our Colorado or Montana fly fishing brethren drift boats are scarce in our area whether it’s new or used. Boulder Boat Works is making a push into the Southeast to provide anglers with an exceptional boating and angling experience. To help anglers learn more about their boats they brought a few boats on the water to let our guides play with them. Guides tend to be the best judge of whether a tool can stand up to the daily abuse.


Boulder Boat works

Boulder Boat Works meshes old school wood working with modern polymer technology.

A Cut Above the Rest

Around 2002, a master carpenter named Andy Toohey wanted a drift boat that would last forever.  He made many prototypes trying to make the perfect boat. His many projects ultimately turned into Boulder Boat Works. The bulk of boats on the market now are made of fiberglass or aluminum. Toohey’s secret was using a high density polyethylene to create hulls that are light and require little maintenance. For the chemistry people the bombproof plastic is called VHMW-PE. Fiberglass boats are heavier than the polyethylene hulls so ramps that are tricky or non-existent are not a problem for these boats. To further strengthen the skiff the boats have a wooden skeleton that not only make them strong but they’re truly  a work of art.

Boulder Boat Works

Testing the the difference between skiffs.

Know Your Boat Maker

All of their boats are built outside of Carbondale, Colorado. The team consists of a small operation of six guys that are beyond passionate about fly fishing and making the highest quality boats on the market today.

Boulder Boat Works

Rest assured all the components on your skiff are built to last.

Angler Comfort

Polyethylene hulls are durable, requiring little maintenance while still being light and nimble. There’s no fiberglass splinters to worry about and they are far quieter than other brands which is helpful when fishing skinny waters. Skiffs draft only five inches so that means waters that are usually reserved for canoes is fair game. After a long day on the water no one likes wrenching up a heavy boat, so Boulder skiffs usually weigh in with a 170 lbs hull and roughly 400 lbs fully built. Not only is this great for loading/unloading but it makes this agile frame is easy to row. Guides know rowing an unresponsive skiff for 10 hours a few days a week is a the quickest way to burn out. All this adds up to the angler being more comfortable and catching more fish.

Boulder Boat Works

Angler comfort is the highest priority for Boulder Boat Works. Wes looks like he agrees.


Boulder Boat Works

Angler comfort includes mid trip Uber Eats deliveries from Bowman’s Guide Service.


Boulder Boat Works

Nathan breaking up the morning with his classic Toccoa River bacon and eggs. He’s the brunch guru on the Toccoa.


We look forward to continuing our relationship with Boulder Boat Works because they have the same dedication to quality and customer satisfaction as we do. To learn more about them check out their website here: https://www.boulderboatworks.com

To get linked up for a float on the Toccoa get in touch with our boys at Bowman Guide Services here: https://www.bowmanflyfishing.com