Fall is a magical time in the Southeast. The summer heat and humidity take a backseat to shortening days and cooler temperatures. While most of Atlanta is marching north for Nature’s stunning display of season changes we as anglers need to take advantage of this season. Listed below are some are some our thoughts on what’s happening and worth the effort.

  • Delayed harvest season starts October 1st in North Carolina and November 1st in Georgia.
  • We are a Metro Atlanta fly shop but it’s hard to hold back our secret love for North Carolina Delayed Harvest water. They have the big stuff like the Nantahala but they have so many small to mid-sized gems in remote parts of the state that offer solitude but also insane catch rates.
  • When water temps start getting in low 50s the brown and brook trout start moving for spawning.
  • Streamer season on tail waters is about to get wild. Big articulated streamers are the name of the game.
  • ┬áIf you’re into chasing ghost, musky season is starting to get cranking. Long days with heavy flies and 9 wt fly rods is the name of the game. Get three follows then take that as a good day.
  • The Smokies are stunning this time of year but avoid the crowds and explore Western North Carolina just outside the park boundaries. If you love quiet mornings from a tent then Gatlinburg and other park hubs will drive you crazy.
  • Find a forest service road in extreme North Georgia or Carolinas and go camp. Night time lows will start dipping in the 40s and 50s which are perfect outside sleeping temps. Pack the Yeti with some veggies, feta cheese, and pork tenderloin to cook on the Coleman Stove so you eat like a king in the woods. Don’t forget the Aeropress and coffee grinds to start the morning!
  • Smaller towns like Clayton or Brevard will give you a better experience than their more counterparts (Blue Ridge/Asheville) and better Airbnb rates. More sustainable practices are making these small towns look even more appetizing. From locally sourced meat and produce at restaurants to local wines these towns are upping their game to attract more travelers.
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Hopper dropper rules the summer but something a little deeper is needed in the cooling weather. Small indicator rigs with a touch of split shot are perfect!

We hope this post helps you prepare for the best fall season you’ve had yet – call the shop or send us an email for more help on outfitting you for all your fall adventures!