By: Brandon Tourigny

It would certainly seem that these days, anglers need another fishing pack like a hole in the head. Much like some ladies feel the need for a purse for every month of the year, anglers want a pack for every environment they fish in. Seldom does a company come out with a new pack that is entirely unique, but I can confidently say this is unlike any pack you’ve ever fished with.

Calling this product just one thing would actually be to unfairly limit it to one category. The Switchback system is a wading belt, hip pack, net holder, and fly patch rolled into one item. What makes this product really fishy is the way the hip pack is attached to the belt. Instead of being fixed in one position, Fishpond put a rail system on the outside of the belt which allows the angler to slide the pack in front of or behind them.

Finding somewhere to conveniently and comfortably put a fishing net can add a whole other set of issues when setting up a pack. Fishpond also solved this problem for us by adding a built-in net holder on the backend of the Switchback. This gives you somewhere to put your net where it is out of your way while fishing, but still easily accessible when needed.

As a personal collector of fishing packs or hoarder of them depending on how you look at it, I am truly impressed with the Switchback Wading Belt system. It has everything one needs for an all in one fishing system that is both comfortable and convenient to fish in. Considering that this product retails for only $99.95, it’s hard to go wrong. If you have any questions about fishing in the Switchback System, or any general comments, feel free to leave us a comment below!